Interactive Media Composition

Ice Levels

The Ice Levels are a training sequence/boss battle theme centered around the glacial ice caverns that our player come across during their journey. Voice tracks to indicate stinger cues (since gameplay isn’t included) are provided as part of the music to give the listener an idea of what’s expected during the audio sequence. The environment-stark and bright- is filled with monsters and opportunities for the player to level up. The “Boss” of this area, Ernie, is a gargantuan polar bear capable of knocking a man down with one blow. Created in finale, and mixed/mastered in Logic.


Metal Town

Metal town is designed to encompass an area rather than stinger or event. In this town, robots mill merrily around with shopping carts, backpacks, and briefcases going about their lives. Refuel at the Cog Station, or gain expertise by speaking to robots in the area about your mission. While the area in mind is formatted as a possible pixel game (Pokemon, StarDew Valley, etc), the nature of the loop makes the piece adaptable to many styles of media.


Pumpkin Man

While traveling through the forests of Cha’an, our character comes across the infamous Pumpkin Man. they say his gaping jack-o-lantern head scares all who encounter him! They say his spine is crooked and his tall stature hides a metal automaton beneath! They even say looking into his candle-lit face gives you inescapable nightmares for life! But... wait. Why does he look so friendly? Is he... offering me a pastry? Hm. Maybe this man is more misunderstood by the legends than I thought he was...

Recorded and processed in Logic. Appropriate for multiple game themes, including area themes, boss encounters, and misc. music.


Snow Stag

Our player has endured weeks of grueling travel through the forest in search of a rare creature, “The Snow Stag.” This stinger-sequence plays upon discovery of the last Stag of it’s kind. A silvery deer, with glittering antlers made of pure ivory. He gently grazes on the top of a hill as dawn breaks. Your mission was to bring back its head. But how could you hurt such a kind, lonely soul? Created in Finale and Logic. Appropriate for a non- playable sequence, or character theme.


9 PM

A simple environment theme played on a cool summer evening. Our player, without worry of danger or harm can freely explore the area, playing mini games such as fishing in a nearby pond or chopping wood as they go along. In the center of the area, a wood cabin with moss growing on the northern side sits still in the darkness, waiting to be discovered. Appropriate for environment music. Created in Logic.


Scar Faced Boss, Fight!

An epic boss battle is about to occur. Despite not being attached to game play, voice narration gives the listener a good sense of how to proceed. Our player chooses spear, and faces off against a giant figure in a long black coat. His face resembles that of a deer’s skull, but his hands are human and covered with lesions. Above the skull’s left eye, a slash in the bone gives the illusion of a scar. Can our player defeat the ultimate Scar Faced Skull? or will they be crushed like those before them?


First Boss, Fight!

This short loop samples a boss fight from a mysterious creature encountered in a training area. Designed with energy but less intensity than the above, First Boss is intended to introduce the player to in-game mechanics of fighting, while leveling up their skills in order to proceed. Created in GarageBand.


The Garbage Pile

This short environment theme is intended to introduce a junk-yard type area while creating a mysterious aura. Short piece format with multiple units within the overall structure. Created in Logic.


Haunting Piano Track

Intended to loop on a static area, this track sample uses sound elements such as fox cries to enhance the piano solo. Initially created to re-score an already existing video game, this piece can easily stand on its own. Created in Cubase.