Full Length Albums

Sets of Wings and Other Things is a collection of pieces written over a four year span. Each song is its own story, and many of them address the particularly complex experiences of adolescence. The stories cover every side of change, and are deeply rooted in our relationships to one another. From the perspective of a rebellious young adult, to a parent forced to let go of their child, each piece illustrates the beauty and bitterness of what it means to grow.


Lost Anthem was created because I love music, and wanted to write music that not only I wanted to listen to, but hopefully other people too. My dream for this album, is that someone out there, who needs it, can relate to what I’m writing about. Some  individual can perhaps listen to a song, have it resonate and be able to think: “I’m not alone in this" and can relate to them, and will enjoy hearing them, whether it be the music, the lyrics, or the meaning behind it all.