Baby Squirrel Games

Olymbus places the player into the shoes of Charon, the newly hired bus driver of the underworld. You're tasked with collecting and ferrying the lost souls of the city to the afterlife they deserve. Use the currency collected to upgrade your bus, collect more souls, and most importantly: Don't get fired.

BabySquirrelGames is proud to have have contributed lead narrative design, dialogue, and quest design to the production of this project.


Gifted a plant by her beloved assistant two years ago, a local witch and apothecary shopkeeper finds herself in distress as the once flourishing plant now withers before her eyes. Join Panko on a quest to run her apothecary, gather ingredients, and save her favorite plant before it's too late.

Released in March of 2024 as part of a game-jam collaboration, Baby Squirrel Games contributes original narrative-writing to Panko's Apothecary through Twine, as well as select music composition and audio implementation.


Created in January of 2023, Baby Squirrel Games was established to produce and develop the interactive fiction project: "The Adventures of Mr. Squirrel." The story follows a quirky mycology professor on a quest to cure his teenage daughter of her persistent melancholy. By exploring this colorful environment, Mr. Squirrel meets countless vibrant characters along the way to guide his journey. Presently, The Adventures of Mr. Squirrel is in development and has released a second-iteration demo for players to explore. Access for this demo can be found on, as well as development updates for the project.